Who I am:

Hey, I'm Josh! I'm a singer-songwriter from Carrollton, TX, living in Burleson.

Once upon a time I was a police officer here in Texas for 18 years. I still support all of my police brothers and sisters across the country and some of my experiences come out in a few of my songs. I have personally felt the pain of loss and destruction and I have been exposed to some of the worst situations imaginable, however I have been fortunate to always see a "silver lining." My songs are testaments of hope, love, compassion and seeing the "bigger picture" of life. I have come to appreciate that we are all different and different isn't weird, it's what makes you who you are. Despite how we are different from each other we all have one thing in common, we are all here trying to get by one day at a time and deal with the ever changing lives we live.

Currently, I am doing live shows and promoting my current single "Two Shots" as well as hosting a radio show on Sundays on www.texasselectradio.com broadcast live at McGraw's Neighbothood Pub in Fort Worth from 4 to 7. Come to a show or listen online!  See ya soon!

Recording at Fort Worth Sound Studio

Recording at Fort Worth Sound Studio

You can make things happen with thoughts of anger, greed, and lust; but nothing flourishes like the things you make happen with thoughts of love! - Josh Vincent